Reitz Tech
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Reitz Tech
A technology consultancy based in Madison, WI
Since 2009, Reitz Tech has provided consulting and technical services to our clients in the Midwest and beyond. We help startups, non-profits, and small businesses to realize impactful technical projects. » Get in touch!
Business relationships are most successful when both parties share a common vision and values, and there is alignment between needs and abilities.
We seek to work with organizations whose missions positively impact society in areas like health/wellness, education, security, equality, and justice.
We offer expertise and experience with technical matters including:
Aligning technical projects with organizational mission/vision
Technical product feature research and roadmap development
Providing time and cost estimates for technical projects
KPI development and reporting pipelines
Education & Communication
Translating between technical and non-technical stakeholders
Providing feedback on technical portions of proposals and other documents
Educating on technical skills and terminology
Staffing & Growth
Crafting technical job descriptions
Evaluating applicants
Assisting with technical interviews
Team assessments, mentoring, and career development
Software & Applications
Cloud-native and Internet-scale architecture design, evaluation, and optimization for websites, web applications, and mobile apps
Developing proofs-of-concept and MVPs
Application design from software stack to backend platforms and frontend frameworks
Cloud infrastucture architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Security & Reliability
Data & Machine Learning
Data sourcing and valuation
API design, implementation, and documentation
Tom Reitz has a background in computer science and mathematics, a master's degree in data science from UW-Madison, and a dozen years of experience building and managing Internet technology at scale.